We hope this page gives you a taste of some of the stories we've told over the years. People often ask, "what's your favorite?" It's truly impossible to choose just one. Filmmaking has taken us everywhere from Alaska to Australia's outback, in operating rooms, prisons, recording studios, courtrooms and living rooms, covering a wide range of stories from terror attacks to koalas.


Binghams heart transplant Dateline NBC

Heartbreak: Saving the Binghams

A documentary film following the journey of the Bingham family for more than five years as they navigated heart transplants in three of their children. Jason and Stacy Bingham thought their big trial in life was over after their eldest daughter had a transplant. Little did they know, all five have the same heart disease or markers for it. Broadcast on NBC and MSNBC.

Lost & Found documentary film

Lost & Found

An independent documentary film about a retired American couple who rescued Ugandan children targeted for abduction by Joseph Kony's LRA. They built an orphanage and schools which now feed, clothe, house and educate more than 300 children. The orphans receive support from an unlikely group: inmates in Oregon. Broadcast on OPB.

Australia Stolen Generation

The Long Way Home

The story of Australia's Stolen Generation, where tens of thousands of Indigenous children who were forcibly removed from their homes from 1910-1970 in an attempt to assimilate them into white society. The film explores the story of a prominent opera singer who had been raised believing she was left in a cardboard box outside an orphanage as a baby. She discovered as an adult that she had been taken from her family and placed in an orphanage, where she was adopted by a white couple. Broadcast on NBC.

Examples of Network TV Stories

Examples of Network TV Stories

Examples of Network TV Stories

NBC News flood coverage Grand Forks

Flooding in Grand Forks, ND


9/11 terror attacks

Columbine Massacre

Oklahoma City Bombing

Hurricane Katrina

Grand Forks Flooding

Michael Jackson's death

OJ Simpson's criminal trial


Michael Bublé profile

Fleetwood Mac reunion

Steve Irwin profile


Heart Transplants

Awake Craniotomy (brain surgery while awake)

Separation of Conjoined Twins

Compulsive Gambling Treatment


Hunt for Canadian Nazis

Earthquake Fraud


Guide Dogs for the Blind

We're honored by this recognition:

Examples of Educational Stories

Examples of Network TV Stories

Examples of Network TV Stories

High Desert Museum Bend Oregon

High Desert Museum, Bend, OR

Videos featured in museum exhibitions at the High Desert Museum – Works Progress Administration overview, artist profiles, and more

Patient education video series for St. Charles Medical Center – Describing various cancer treatments and survivorship programs. Provided to all newly-diagnosed patients

Finding Fremont in Oregon Documentary film for the DesChutes Historical Museum retracing John C. Fremont's journey through Oregon with photographer Loren Irving. Screened throughout Oregon

Impactful Storytelling

Examples of Network TV Stories

Impactful Storytelling


Taking a break while shooting in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness

It's gratifying to know that we helped to achieve these goals:

  • Heartbreak: Saving the Binghams – Increased awareness of the need for organ donors

  • High Desert Museum – Record-breaking annual fundraiser, museum attendance

  • Bend Science Station – Reached capital campaign goal to build a new facility

  • Sara's Project – Provided education and inspiration to newly-diagnosed cancer patients

  • The Bloom Project – Increased funding for this nonprofit providing fresh flowers to hospice patients

  • Be Part of Art  – Increased funding for public art


Searching for crocodiles with Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin and NBC's Sara James

Cape York Peninsula


Separation of conjoined twins Charity and Kathleen Lincoln 

Seattle, WA


Inmate artists in Snake River Correctional Institution 

Ontario, Oregon